What makes React Native a great choice for mobile apps?

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3 min readDec 7, 2021


If you are willing to capitalize on the booming mobile market, then this is your best chance. Now, your business can easily be permanently positioned on anyone’s mobile phone. Users have numerous apps installed on their phones these days. So the best way to make a place on their phone is to create an app that fits perfectly with all mobile operating systems. If you are wondering how to do it then your answer is React native. All you need to do is hire React Native developers and start working on building an app that will take the market by storm.

React Native: what is it?

React Native is one of the most popular frameworks for building mobile apps. React Native makes it easy to build native apps that look great on both Android and iOS.

Facebook released React Native to make mobile app development faster and more efficient to ensure success for Facebook’s brand-new mobile social networking service. With the release of React Native, it has become easier than ever before to create a fully-customized app with all the benefits of cross-platform compatibility at a third to half the cost.

Today, multiple companies such as Facebook, Instagram, Skype, and Uber EATS recruit React Native programmers. In addition to large corporations, small businesses are also beginning to see the benefits of React Native.

There are several benefits to using React Native

  • Native experience

React Native allows for native apps that look and feel like any other app store app. This is because the user experience (UX) is the same across both platforms and both Android and iOS users receive an outstanding experience when using your mobile application. The user experience plays a key role in today’s technology world as good UX often translates into high retention rates, which positively impacts brand loyalty.

  • Cross-platform

It is a native app development framework that enables React Native programmers to build cross-platform apps. Using React Native, Android and iOS users see the same user experience (UX). This means that at no time will your users see a difference in the usability or functionality of your app between platforms.

  • Speed

React Native is lightning fast! A React Native developer can build an app in less than 30 minutes. It can take much longer but much less time when compared to other native development environments. This makes it easier for companies to move forward with their mobile app development goals.

Final thoughts

React Native is built off of Facebook’s popular JavaScript library, React. This was the foundation for their other popular libraries, ReactDOM and Redux. These libraries are responsible for powering the user interface (UI) of your app. The UI is a key element of any app as it describes what users will experience when using your app. It also plays a role in how quickly users can learn how to use your application.

So if you are planning to build an app with React Native, then you’ve made the right choice. You can hire React Native developers from Techno Exponent, an award-winning web & mobile application development company based in the United States. They have flexible hiring plans that allow you to hire remote developers & save a lot of money.



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