Are you looking for a Node.js Developer to build your new web app?

Node.js popularity is due to its rich data exchange chat services, media, and other high data demanding services like real-time tracking. Building Node.js applications require high performance, scalability, and asynchronous programming. Node.js development company provides you an opportunity to hire dedicated developers from them and implement the services to ace your project with on-time delivery.

Node.js is a powerful platform to build web applications. Node.js is JavaScript built on Chrome’s V engine. It uses a non-blocking I/O model, event-driven, efficient, and lightweight. Node.js package ecosystem is with NPM which is the largest ecosystem of open-source libraries in the world. In this blog, you will understand the reasons to hire a Node.js developer if you are planning to build a web page, the difference between different frameworks, and other important aspects of Node.js. Give it a read.

Node.js enables developers to use the v engine in building lightweight and fast applications that is responsible to handle a large number of concurrent users. Here, are the reasons to hire Node.js experts.

Node.js is fast

Node.js is used in event-driven applications and non-blocking models. It simply means that Node.js can handle large concurrent connections with little overhead. The reason Node.js is efficient is due to its small number of threads that handle all concurrent connections. Node.js developers use the advantage by building the backend systems that help to handle a large amount of data with ease. Node.js helps you to effectively design your web application.

Some significant examples of nodes that benefit the users are-

  • An E-Commerce site is available with a real-time chat system
  • Live video streaming service
  • Social media platforms that help to handle a large number of concurrent users
  • Different mobile and web applications that require communication between the back and front end


Node.js is designed with high scalability. It adds more Node.js to the applications as the user grows its base. The applications of Node.js are distributed among different servers. As one server goes down the other can pick up the slack.

The web application is responsible to chase developers handling requests from the client and return the data. The server-side logic is a code that runs on the server by opposing the client. It typically helps to write a code in a language like Python, Ruby, Java, and PHP.

For Backend developer

Node.js backend is a popular choice for the backend developer as it is designed to handle asynchronous requests. This simply means that no developers can write the JavaScript code to handle multiple requests without causing a slowdown in the server.

Additionally, Node.js is advantageous to different frameworks and libraries.

The developers use NodeJS as a replacement for Java, Ruby, Python, c+, and sometimes PHP also. The platform of NodeJS is popular because it runs on different platforms including Linux, Windows, and Mac OS.

Python vs Node.js

Python is especially popular for machine learning and data-centric applications. If you need a lightweight, fast and large application then Node.js is the best fit for this.

Today, JavaScript is the most popular programming language. It is used by many developers and was originally designed to be used in web browsers. Its popularity is due to its flexibility. It can be used both for back and frontend development processing. However, frameworks and libraries of Java Script make it possible to create complex applications with just a minimum bunch of code. Therefore, there is no doubt that JavaScript is a powerful and versatile language. Node.js applications are written in JavaScript and are run on the server-side.

Use of Node.js in Mean stack

MEAN stack is a JavaScript-based web application stack that includes Express.js, MongoDB, Node.js.js, and Express.js frameworks.

  • Express.js is a Node.js framework known for providing a robust set of features for applications such as routing, authentication, and sessions.
  • Node.js is a JavaScript runtime environment that runs your code.
  • MongoDB is a powerful oriented database that will suit Node.js applications.
  • Angular.JS is a framework that lets you extend Hypertext Markup Language vocabulary for your application.

Hire an express js developer to use these services in your firm. Node.js is used in the MEAN stack because it provides the easiest way to build scalable applications. These applications require a lot of communication between the server and the client such as real-time data apps and chat applications.

But if you are looking to build a new project then Nest.js is a better choice. You can easily hire a nest js developer from the best development company.

How to build an API in Node.js js?

The developers from node.js. application development companies allow applications to communicate with each other. Two or more applications can share resources and data by using Web services. It makes it possible to create an innovative and wide range of applications.

For example, a weather forecast can use web service API to access the data from the weather station or from a shopping website to a payment processing system. The web services are based on a protocol such as XML and HTTP.


If you want to become a great developer it is important to have an understanding of both JavaScript and node. At the same time, you must be familiar with other web development frameworks and tools. However, by following the above guidelines a Node.js developer can set themselves as a successful web build developer. So, hire Node.js js development company if you think the framework of NodeJS is beneficial for your project.




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Techno Exponent is a leading mobile & web app, Laravel and web-based software development based company in United States & India.

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